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01 Introduction26.9 MB1/12/2021 11:45 PM
02 Benefits of Delivering Top-Notch Retail Customer Service23.2 MB1/12/2021 11:46 PM
03 How to Make a Great First Impression with Customers59.3 MB1/12/2021 11:46 PM
04 How to Turn Around Upset Customers30.5 MB1/12/2021 11:47 PM
05 How to Keep Waiting Retail Customers Happy24.3 MB1/12/2021 11:48 PM
06 Five Easy Steps to Deliver Excellent Customer Service Every Time14.2 MB1/12/2021 11:48 PM
07 Everyday Rituals That Create a Positive Attitude at Work14.2 MB1/12/2021 11:49 PM
08 Conclusion3.89 MB1/12/2021 11:49 PM
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